Baltimore Custom Clothiers offers only the best custom made bespoke Custom Suits. This is why we believe in quality and will only sell Superfine 130’s to Superfine 180’s 100% Wool Cashmere suits. Our Superfine 130’s-150’s are only $539 and includes all suit options for free. Our Premium (includes 100% cotton) shirts beats all of our competition at $85 each and includes all styling options such as inner, outer, full contrast collar & cuff, monogram, pockets, and others.


Pricing of a nearby Custom Clothing Store

Basic entry level suit: $749
Upgrade to superfine 130’s: $150 extra
Upgrade to superfine 150’s: $250 extra
Working Buttonhole (must have for a custom suit): $30

All in cost: $879 for a superfine 130’s custom suit vs. $539 at Custom Clothiers

Low Grade Shirts ($95)
Standard: $40 (upgrade cost)
Premium: $60 (upgrade cost)
Monogram $3, Pocket $5 each, White Collar & Cuff $10, French Cuff $10 & more
Their standard quality: $95 + $40  + $18 or more in upgrades = $153 for 1 standard shirt (ouch!) vs. $85 for a Premium custom shirt at Custom Clothiers


Dare to compare? Custom doesn’t have to be expensive. Custom Clothiers offers the highest quality workmanship, finest fabric quality and at a reasonable price. 

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