Ordering a Custom Suit involves getting measured by a tailor, who then creates a pattern specific to your body. He or she uses that pattern to cut the fabric and then sews the suit by hand. Custom tailoring is often referred to as “bespoke,” an old tailoring term meaning that a certain fabric has been “spoken for” by a customer and is therefore no longer for sale.

What makes a bespoke Custom Suit different from one bought at a department store may be imperceptible at first glance: It’s all in the fit and the details. Just about every man looks better in clothing that was made just for him, because custom tailoring takes into consideration the asymmetry of the wearer’s body. Most men have one shoulder or hip that’s higher than the other, or one arm or leg that’s longer, for example. If your weight fluctuates wildly, however, custom-made may be a bad investment.

From the advent of civilization, man has been in situations where he is judged by his clothes first before his merits are assessed. A man needs to look his very best, more so in this competitive and professional world. No limited off-the-shelf set of clothing can offer this range of style, detail and contouring that is gratis with the personal service of Baltimore Custom Clothiers.

We offer an extensive wardrobe with the latest in styles, textures and colors to do justice to your fine taste and personality. Welcome to the custom tailoring experience of Baltimore Custom Clothiers. Let your clothes speak for you and let your confidence guide you to achieve success in your every endeavor.